CUET Engineering Graphics Syllabus 2025

CUET Engineering Graphics Syllabus 2025

Engineering Graphics is among several domain-specific fields that evaluate applicants' eligibility for admission into some of the most prestigious universities in the nation. Those aspiring to study this course should meticulously examine the curriculum before commencing their preparation. The former CUCET (Central Universities Common Entrance Test), now known as CUET, is an all-India undergraduate admission exam, and competition is likely to be intense. Therefore, students must ensure that they prepare adequately and equip themselves with the necessary skills to increase their chances of securing admission to their preferred program.

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Important points to note about the CUET Engineering Graphics syllabus 2025:

The CUET exam is conducted in a hybrid mode (CBT & Pen-paper mode) .

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CUET Engineering Graphics Syllabus:

Engineering Graphics is a fascinating yet demanding field that deals with constructing paper replicas of real-world objects or places in two- or three-dimensional electronic formats. To prepare for this course, the CUET syllabus for Engineering Graphics should be your first point of reference. This comprehensive guide will provide you with a thorough overview of what to expect and how much you should be prepared to learn. It's crucial to have a clear understanding of the curriculum when it comes to preparation. The curriculum has seven main units, each of which has corresponding sub-units. In this article, we will examine the complete syllabus in detail.

Engineering Graphics Syllabus 2025 for CUET in detail:

Having a thorough grasp of the curriculum is the very first step towards acing your exams. So, planning and creating an effective study plan for Engineering Graphics is crucial for maximizing your chances of passing the CUET. Once you have taken care of these fundamental aspects of preparation, let's talk about adopting a strategic approach that could immensely help you while studying Engineering Graphics for the exam. Make sure you review all the details carefully to climb the success ladder!

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Unit I
Isometric Projection of Solids
This isometric scale allows for the precise construction of objects in three dimensions. It can effectively project both leading angles and divisions of 10mm and 1mm. By projecting solids like cubes, cones, spheres and more in an isometric manner, their original shapes can be maintained with parallel or perpendicular base sides in relation to HP/VP. For optimal projection, the solid's axis should align either parallel or perpendicular to HP/VP.
Unit II
Isometric Projection of Solids
Combination of any two of the aforementioned solids with the base side positioned centrally and parallel or perpendicular to HP/VP (Axis of both the solids should not be given parallel to HP).
Unit III
Machine Drawing (Machine Parts): Drawing to full-size scale with instruments
Using scale models to create drawings of full size. beginning of the threads Square, Knuckle, B.S.W., and Metric standard screw thread profiles (both internal and external); Hexagonal head, square head, plain washer, and a nut and bolt combination with or without a washer are all types of fasteners used to join two pieces together.
Unit IV
Machine Drawing (Machine Parts): Free-hand sketches
Freehand sketches. traditional representation of both internal and exterior threads; Plain, square-neck, and collar studs are the different types of studs. Snap, flat, and pan heads (without tapered necks) are the different types of rivets.
Unit V
(i) Open-Bearing
(ii) Bush-Bearing
Unit VI
Rod Joints
(i) Cotter-joints for round-rods (Sleeve and cotter joint) (ii) Cotter-joints for square rods (Gib and cotter-joint)
Unit VII
Pipe-joint & Tie-rod
(i) Turnbuckle (ii) Flange pipe joints are to be shown.
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