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CUET Sample Papers 2025 - You must practise with CUET sample papers from previous years to get a general idea of how the CUET exam is set up. If you practise with the CUET sample papers 2025 you might also get a sense of the kinds of questions on the CUET exam. If you use CUET sample papers from previous years papers to study for the CUET exam in 2025 you will be able to review the CUET syllabus.
CUET Sample Papers 2025 PDF: If you're currently looking for the CUET sample paper and want to assess your performance you can download the CUET sample paper from here once they are officially released. If you are preparing for the Common Universities Entrance Test (CUET) 2025 you should know the different preparation strategies. You should be practising with many CUET sample papers and CUET mock tests to ace the CUET 2025 exam. With CUET sample papers 2025 you get a better insight into the examination pattern syllabus and topic to revise.
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CUET Sample Papers 2025 Pdf Download Subject Wise
CUET Sample Papers
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CUET Accountancy
CUET Business Studies
CUET General Aptitude
CUET Chemistry
CUET Biology
CUET Computer Science
CUET Economics
CUET Entrepreneurship
CUET Geography
CUET History
CUET Legal Studies
CUET English Language
CUET Mathematics
CUET Physical Education
CUET Physics
CUET Political Science
CUET Psychology
CUET Sociology
CUET 2025 Exam Structure
Examination Structure
No. of questions to be attempted
Marks per question
Total marks
Language (IA and IB)
40 out of 50
45 minutes
Domain-Specific Subjects
40 out of 50
The duration of the test will be of 45 minutes duration except in subjects i.e. Accountancy, Physics, Computer Science / Informatics Practices, Chemistry, Mathematics / Applied Mathematics and Economics the duration of the test will be 60 minutes.
General Test
50 out of 60
60 minutes
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Marking Scheme of CUET Exam
  • +5 marks for each correct answer.
  • -1 mark for each incorrect answer.
  • No penalty for unattempted questions.
  • +5 marks awarded to all candidates for any dropped questions or questions found to be incorrect.
Some Important Points You Should About CUET 2025
  • You only need to submit one application even if you apply to multiple Universities or Institutions.
  • CUET 2025 uses objective Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).
  • CUET (UG) 2025 will be held in the Hybrid Mode (Computer-Based Test/Pen & Paper)
  • Marks given by different Boards vary widely because of the typology of questions and the scoring pattern.
  • In CUET (UG) 2025 students can choose from 29 subjects (Two new subjects Fashion Studies and Tourism have also been added) 33 languages, and a General Test.
  • In CUET (UG) 2025 a candidate may take a maximum of 06 subjects from 63 Subjects/Languages.
  • Candidates may choose a maximum 06 Subjects including languages (Indian and Foreign) and General Test.
  • Note: It is advisable for candidates to select at least one language.
  • The syllabus for CUET (UG) – 2025 Subject/Domain Tests will be based on Class 12 to ease candidates' exam preparation.
  • CUET (UG) – 2025 is being offered in 380 Cities including 26 cities outside India.
  • The CUET (UG) – 2025 is a Selection Test while the Board Exam is an Achievement Test.
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With the help of sample papers candidates can understand the marking scheme as decided by the CUET consortium. The participants can know their speed and accuracy in resolving the questions and improve their time management skills. The practice of CUET sample papers can make the aspirants confidently appear for the entrance test. The aspirants will stay updated with the latest questions that have a possible chance to appear in the entrance test. Solving maximum sample papers can help candidates track their performance and self-access their preparation so far. Sample papers previous years’ question papers and mock tests can clear the maximum of the candidate’s doubts that can help them score a good rank in CUET 2025.
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Q. What are the benefits of solving CUET Sample papers?
CUET sample papers 2025 will help the candidate get familiar with the actual CUET exam paper. It also helps understand the exam pattern difficulty level and type of questions.
Q. Is CUET MCQ-based?
The exam is a multiple-choice question-based. The exam is divided into 3 sections –Languages, Domain-specific tests and General test.
Q. What are the new subjects added in the CUET?
Fashion Studies and Tourism.
Q. Are there 2 slots in the CUET 2025?
No the CUET exam will be conducted in 3 slots .
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