CUET Preparation

CUET Preparation 
For the CUET 2024 exam the last date to fill out the application form is 26 March 2024. In this article we will discuss the strategies for CUET preparation. CUET is a National level exam conducted by NTA for Undergraduate programmes in Central Universities and other Universities. There are three sections in the CUET exam which are Language, Domain-Specific Subject and General Test. 
CUET Ebooks
We will start the CUET preparation with these sections and for a better resource of information you can refer to CUET books and the CUET syllabus.
CUET Exam Pattern
Questions to be attempted
Paper-I Language
For the first section of the CUET exam, the majority of students of CBSE schools will opt for English language. In this section,  the questions will be asked from topics such as Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Grammar etc.
Out of the 50 questions, students can attempt any 40 questions
Paper- II Domain (Subjects in Class 12)
In this section, there are 29 subjects (Fashion Studies and Tourism have been recently added) and Candidates may choose a maximum 06 Subjects including languages (Indian and Foreign) and General Test.
Out of the 45 or 50 questions (depending upon the subject), students can attempt any 35 or 40 questions
Paper- III General Test
This paper consists of questions from Basic Mathematics, Basic Reasoning and Mental Ability, and Basic General Knowledge. This section is mandatory for a few selective courses, the details of which can be found on the official websites of participating colleges.
Out of the 60 questions, students can attempt any 50 questions.
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CUET Preparation Section Wise
1. Language Section:
In the Language section Reading Comprehension, Grammar, and Writing Skills are tested to check your proficiency:
  • Vocabulary and  Grammar: Start your CUET preparation with the basics of Grammar and slowly move to advanced topics. Use flashcards or apps to build your Vocabulary daily.
  • Reading Comprehension: Practice reading diverse materials such as Novels, Newspapers, and Journals to enhance your comprehension skills. Try to summarize what you've read to improve retention.
  • Listening and Speaking: Listening to Podcasts, watching films and engaging in conversation may all help you enhance your fluency and knowledge of a language
For comprehensive coverage of English you can refer to Hitbullseye’s CUET English Book
2. Domain-Specific Section:
This section evaluates your knowledge in specific subjects related to the field of study you wish to pursue.
How to Prepare for Language section:
  • Deep Dive into NCERT: The foundation of CUET exam is NCERT. So understand the NCERT book comprehensively and start your preparation accordingly.
  • Practical Application: Practical knowledge gives you a clear idea of any topic and you can better understand that topic rather than theory.
  • Online Resources: At the current time every information is easily available on the internet. You can go to different sources and find the Sbetter resource of information for you.
  • Revision: Revision is the most important thing you can do to prepare for the CUET exam because when you go over a subject again, it sticks in your mind.
For comprehensive coverage of Domain-Specific Subjects you can refer to Hitbullseye’s Domain-Specific Subjects Books
3. General Test:
The General Test section tests your General Aptitude, including Quantitative Ability, Logical Reasoning, General Knowledge, and Current Affairs.
How to Prepare for General Test section:
  • Stay Informed: You should be well aware of Current News, Events and International events. Newspaper is the best resource for Current news information.
  • Quantitative Ability: Every day, practice fundamental Arithmetic, Algebra, and Geometry. Use online platforms for timed quizzes to increase your speed.
  • Logical Reasoning: Solve Puzzles, Riddles, and Reasoning Questions regularly. Books specifically designed for CUET exam can be very helpful.
  • Mock Tests: Regular preparation with mock tests and question papers from past years can help you fully understand the pattern and improve your time management abilities.
For comprehensive coverage of the General Test you can refer to Hitbullseye’s CUET General Test Book 
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General Tips for Comprehensive CUET Preparation:
  • Master the Basics:
    • Get a comprehensive understanding of NCERT book.
    • You can improve your Vocabulary by practicing on a daily basis and learning new words every day.
  • Practice Makes Perfect:
    • Use CUET sample papers to understand the CUET exam pattern, question types, and marking scheme.
    • Create a real exam environment and identify areas that need improvement.
    • From previous years' papers you can check the difficulty level and question styles of CUET 2024 exam.
  • Sharpen Your Skills:
    • Practice effective time management by giving specific time slots for each section in CUET mock tests. 
    • You can enhance your Reading Comprehension by reading various materials like Newspapers and Academic Journals.
    • Engage in activities like puzzles, strategy games, or debates to improve your analytical thinking for CUET exam.
  • Optimize Your Resources:
    • Explore online educational websites, video lectures, and online communities for additional resources.
    • You can seek guidance from Hitbullseye teachers, mentors, or online coaching to address specific questions or challenges.
  • Maintain Focus:
    • Set aside time to study each subject and part of your study plan.
    • To stay motivated, make your goals achievable
    • You can keep your mind fresh and avoid stress by planning regular breaks.
Crack CUET 23
  1. How many subjects are offered in the CUET exam?
  2. There are 29 subjects offered in the CUET exam.
  3. What is the basic eligibility to take the CUET Exam?
  4. To appear for the CUET exam, a student must secure a minimum of 50% marks in the +2 examination for the General category and 45% marks for the SC/ST/OBC-NCL category.
  5. Can students from Boards other than CBSE also give CUET?
  6. Any student who has appeared in the Class XII Board Exam from CBSE/ICSE/any State Board is eligible to take the CUET exam.
  7. Is there any age limit to take the CUET Exam?
  8. There is no minimum age requirement to take the CUET exam.
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