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CUET 2025
CUET General Test Sample Paper: The General Test is one of the three papers in the CUET. It is technically optional; however, for students applying to multiple courses, it often becomes an essential requirement. This is because many major courses include the General Test as a mandatory component. Thus, regardless of their chosen stream—be it Humanities, Commerce, or Science—students generally need to take the General Test.
The CUET-General Test paper has 3 sections-
  1. Numerical Ability
  2. Logical Reasoning
  3. General Awareness
The General Test is an essential component of the CUET exam. Therefore, it requires a special preparation. This is where CUET General Test sample papers can prove to be useful. 
In this article, you will be able to access free CUET General Test sample papers and download them for free. Also, you can learn the benefits of using sample papers for your preparation. 
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CUET General Test Sample Paper
To excel in the upcoming CUET 2025 exam, students should download and practice with these sample papers. This will enhance their accuracy and deepen their understanding of the test. Below are the download links available for free access.
CUET  General Test practice paper
Download link
Sample paper - I
Sample paper - II
Sample paper - III
Sample paper - IV
Sample paper - V
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Benefits of CUET General Test Sample Paper
An aspirant can greatly benefit from the CUET sample papers and get an extra edge over other aspirants on the day of the exam. The benefits of the CUET General Test Sample paper are given below
  1. Familiarity with the exam pattern- preparing for the CUET exam can be a challenging task. However, if an aspirant prepares with the help of sample paper, he can get a better understanding of the exam pattern. This will acclimatize him well for the day of the exam.
  2. Good grasp of the syllabus- With sample papers, an aspirant can get a better understanding of the syllabus that comes in the exam. Consistently taking multiple mocks will help them gain insights into which topics are more important and frequently repeated in the exam and which topics can be skipped or left for later to focus on.
  3. Time Management- Attempting sample papers under timed duration can help aspirants work and improve their time management skills. This will enable them in competing the entire exam by properly allocating time to each sections and improving their time management.
  4. Improves speed- When appearing for a national-level exam, it is very important to focus on completing the exam on time with proper utilization of time. Taking mocks helps improve your speed and the time that you spend on each question. This overall enhances your performance and improves your scores.
  5. Understanding the question type- Attempting the sample papers for a section results in a better understanding of the variety of questions that appear in the exam. The questions that come in the CUET exam are in the MCQ format along with fill in the black & match the following question formats.
CUET General Test Exam Pattern
The third section of the CUET exam is GT which however is optional but the aspirants must opt it to increase their chances of getting into the top institutes for graduation. The details of the CUET General Test section are given below
  • The section will have 60 questions out of which the aspirants can attempt any 50.
  • The aspirants will be given 60 minutes to attempt the GT section. 
Total Number of Questions
Number of Questions to be Attempted
General Knowledge
60 Minutes
Current Affairs
General Mental Ability
Numerical Ability
Quantitative Reasoning
Logical and Analytical Reasoning
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Preparation tips for CUET General Test
For success in the CUET General Test section, the aspirants can enhance their preparation by adhering to these valuable tips:
  • Familiarize yourself with syllabus and exam format. Start by carefully examining the CUET exam notification to grasp the CUET general test syllabus and exam structure.
  • Use the CUET GT Question Paper to assess strengths and weaknesses, shaping a focused study plan for improvement.
  • Create a study timetable and consistently follow it. Cultivate and stick to a study schedule diligently to guarantee thorough coverage of the syllabus. 
  • To excel in general knowledge and current affairs, stay informed by regularly reading newspapers and keeping up with current events. 
  • Enhance your preparation by using suggested study materials for the CUET General Test.  
  • Uphold unwavering focus and determination during your preparation. Your commitment is pivotal for excelling in the CUET General Test.
  1. What is the number of questions asked for CUET General Test?
  2. The third section of the CUET exam will consist of  60 questions out of which a candidate can attempt any 50 questions of his choice.
  3. What is the duration of the GT section in CUET exam?
  4. The time duration for the General Test section of the CUET exam is 60 minutes.
  5. What is the duration of the cuet exam overall?
  6. The CUET exam will be conducted in 2 to 3 slots depending on  number of students registering for the CUET exam.
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  7. Is there a negative marking for the GT section?
  8. Yes, CUET includes a negative marking of 1 mark for each incorrect answer, leading to a deduction for candidates. Conversely, no marks are deducted for questions left unanswered.
  9. What is going to be the mode of the CUET exam?
  10. The CUET 2025 exam will be conducted in a hybrid mode (CBT or pen paper mode)
  11. What is the difficulty level of the GT section of the CUET exam?
  12. The GT section is usually easy to medium based on the previous year question papers.
  13. How can a student prepare more efficiently for CUET GT section?
  14. The GT section of the CUET exam tests GK, reasoning, aptitude & logical skills of an aspirant. Therefore, it becomes essential that an aspirant keeps himself updated with current & static GK, practice the logical reasoning questions, brush up his aptitude and quant skills to perform better in the General Test section of the CUET exam.
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