CUET English Sample Paper

CUET English sample paper can be very useful for an aspirant preparing for CUET 2025. Taking section-wise sample papers can help aspirants understand exam pattern and syllabus better. Students looking for CUET English sample paper can download the free PDF from here and start practicing now.
CUET offers undergraduate admission opportunities to 400+ universities which includes Central, State, Private & Deemed Universities nationwide 
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By achieving top scores students can secure admission to their desired university. Reviewing  CUET English sample paper is vital for understanding the exam format and enhancing CUET scores.  CUET-UG comprises three sections with English being a key component of Section I . It assesses vocabulary, verbal skills, grammar and more.
Students have opportunity to access and download  CUET sample papers. Also  understand the importance for every student to review the CUET English sample question paper. To get into  CUET English sample paper and grasp its structure thoroughly follow along with this article. 
CUET English Sample Paper
A student aspiring to ace the CUET 2025 exam must download these sample papers and practice with them to gain accuracy and a better understanding of the CUET exam. The download links are given below for the students to download for free.
CUET English practice paper
Download link
Sample paper - I
Sample paper - II
Sample paper - III
Sample paper - VI
Sample paper - V
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Why are CUET Sample Papers Important for CUET 2025 Preparation?
CUET English sample paper as seen in past years are pivotal in gearing up for CUET 2025. Listed below are few advantages of opting for CUET English sample paper.
1. Familiarity with Exam Pattern: CUET follows different format encompassing various question types such as MCQs and match the following. It covers certain topics and follows a specific marking scheme. By familiarizing themselves with sample papers candidates can gain a better understanding of this structure boosting their confidence on the day of actual exam 
2. Time Management: CUET English sample papers enables aspirants to assess the time needed for each section aiding in the development of efficient time management strategies. This skill is vital in timed exams such as CUET where the proper allocation of time can greatly influence performance 
3. Identify Weak Areas: Engaging in consistent practice with sample papers enables candidates to pinpoint their areas of weakness or topics requiring further preparation. This understanding facilitates targeted study, improves resource allocation and ultimately enhances overall performance 
4. Improve Speed and Accuracy: Consistent practice with sample papers not only enhances speed but also reduces errors. This is crucial for competitive exams such as CUET where both swiftness and precision play essential roles in attaining top scores 
5. Exposure to Various Question Types: CUET encompasses diverse range of subjects and questions. Sample papers offer candidates exposure to variety of questions equipping them for the various scenarios and question formats they may face in exam.
6. Benchmarking: Sample papers particularly those issued by official sources or coaching institutions are usually an exact replica of the actual exam. These benchmarks help students understand their position relative to expected cut-offs or average scores 
7. Adaptation to Changes: Changes in the CUET format and syllabus are possible. Utilizing recent sample papers is crucial for students to remain updated with any modifications and guarantee that their preparation aligns with present exam criteria 
CUET sample papers are vital resources for candidates aiming to excel in CUET 2025. These papers replicate actual exam conditions rendering them a crucial component of the preparation strategy.
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CUET English Exam Pattern
The official notification for CUET 2025 has already been released, and the registrations have also started. The official CUET exam pattern has also been released. The highlights of the same have been mentioned in the table below
Common University Entrance Test (CUET)
CUET English
 Exam Mode
Hybrid (CBT/ pen-paper mode)
Exam Duration
2-3 slots depending on the number of registration
Sections I [Language - Section IA]
Exam Duration
45 Minutes
Marking Scheme
+5 - for the right answer
-1 for the wrong answer
0 for the unattempted question
Number of Questions
40 Questions to be marked out of 50 Questions
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  1. Where can I find the previous year's CUET question paper for download?
  2. Students can conveniently access the CUET previous year's question paper from the NTA official website by clicking here.
  3. What will be the mode of the CUET 2025 exam?
  4. The CUET 2025 will be conducted in the hybrid mode (CBT / pen paper mode)
  5. When will the CUET 2025 exam be conducted?
  6. The CUET 2025 exam is expected to be conducted in May 2025.
  7. What is the English syllabus for CUET 2025?
  8. CUET English syllabus will comprise of Reading comprehension involving 3 types of passages- factual, narrative and literary. Verbal ability will include choosing the correct word, rearranging parts, Synonyms, Antonyms and Vocabulary. 
  9. What is the time duration for the English section?
  10. Duration for section- I of CUET 2025 would be 45 minutes
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  11. Who will conduct CUET 2025?
  12. The National Testing Agency will conduct CUET 2025.
  13. How can I access the CUET English Syllabus PDF?
  14. Access CUET English syllabus PDF download option here to save the file on your device for convenient viewing anytime. The complete syllabus helps in exam preparation and serves as a valuable reference tool.
  15. How to prepare for the CUET  English exam?
  16. Applicants must possess a thorough understanding of syllabus and exam structure. This will pinpoint areas for improvement and adjust their study approach accordingly. Success in exam depends on sustaining both speed and precision. Reviewing sample papers can aid in comprehending the test format and complexity.
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