CUET Analysis: Day 1, Aspirants’ reaction, Difficulty Level, Good Attempts

The National Testing Agency (NTA) conducted the CUET UG 2022 exam on 15th July 2022 in two slots – slot 1 (8:30 AM to 10:30 AM) Slot 2 (12:00 PM to 2:00 PM) and slot 3 (3:30 PM to 6:30 PM). Here, Hitbullseye's experts have provided a compiled exam analysis using the aspirants' feedback. Aspirants who appeared for the CUET 2022 felt that the questions were understandable but challenging. Calculations had to be done properly despite the questions being in MCQ format.
This article will help candidates who have taken the exam and will appear on the exam on the upcoming dates. It will also help you analyse the CUCET exam format.
CUET Analysis: Highlights
The candidates who appeared in the CUET exam or are going to appear must check the CUET Exam Analysis 2022 highlights given below:
CUET Analysis
Mode of the CUET Exam
No. of Sections
Exam Date
15th July to 20th August
UG Exam Slots
1st Slot: 9 AM to 12:15 PM
2nd Slot: 3 PM to 6:45 PM
Negative Marking
Number of Choices
4 (Four)
Test type
13 languages
CUET Ebooks
CUET Analysis: Day 1
Slot 1 Analysis
  • As the exam was conducted for the first time, several students felt that the paper structure was odd.
  • The overall difficulty level of the CUET Exam Slot 1 was easy to moderate.
  • The paper was a bit harder than the 12th board exam but was easier than the JEE exam.
  • Candidates had to choose the sectional order in advance, as the exam was conducted in CBT mode. Students could not switch the chosen order mid-way.
  • Many candidates considered the general aptitude test easy.
  • Domain-specific questions were easy to moderate, as per the candidate's chosen subject.
  • CUET aspirants who prepared using mock tests stated that the actual paper was easier than the mock test papers provided by NTA.
  • Questions were mostly from the NCERT textbooks. The entire paper was manageable for candidates who prepared from NCERT well.
Slot 2 Analysis
  • Several students faced issues with their systems and had to wait for the system to respond to start the exam. There were no long delays, and students could complete their exams on time.
  • Students found the paper easy to moderate in this slot too.
  • Nothing was from out of the 12th class syllabus, and the whole paper was based on NCERT textbooks.
  • Some questions were from topics which were deleted from the syllabus. However, this issue was seen in a few papers only.
  • Aspirants could select the section that they wanted to start first. But couldn't change the order midway.
  • Students had to wait for a specific time limit to move to another section after completing the questions. Many students found this frustrating as they had to wait to attempt the next section.
  • Each section has a fixed time, and candidates must follow the set pattern.
CUET Analysis: English Language
The CUET Exam Analysis 2022 is given below. It is recommended to go through the details as it can be very beneficial to help you ace the CUET exam.
  • Reading Comprehension consisted of 3 RCs. Each RC carried 5 to 6 questions. A total of 15-18 questions were asked in 3 RCs.
  • 5-6 questions were from Synonyms and Antonyms.
  • RC, Synonyms & Antonyms, and Idioms and Phrases were topics with the highest weightage.
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Students must focus on the sections mentioned below:
No. of Questions
Reading Comprehension
Idioms Phrases
One Word Substitution
Spelling Questions
Literary Device
Rearrangement of Sentences
Fill Ups
CUET Analysis: Mathematics
The difficulty level of the Mathematics paper was moderate to difficult. However, the paper was supremely easier than the JEE Main paper. The NCERT Mathematics notebook is sufficient to score well in the exam.
The main issue that students faced was the lack of time. Therefore, students must manage their time well. Candidates can do this by practising sample papers and mock tests as much as possible.
Given below is the CUET exam analysis of the no. of questions asked in this section:
No. of Questions
Missing Numbers
Trigonometric Identities
Blood Relations
Alpha Numeric Series
CUET Analysis: General Test
Aspirants considered the General Test (GT) easy. Current Affair was the most important part of the GT. The aspirants stated that a thorough knowledge of current affairs and the general knowledge questions are very important to ace this subject.
Candidates are advised to focus majorly on NCERT books, and mock tests as most of the syllabus and the questions asked from this are from NCERT textbooks. 
CUET Exam Analysis: Difficulty Level [15 July 2022]
The difficulty level of 15 July 2022 for the CUET exam is described below. The candidates who have exams in the upcoming slots must keep tracking the details about the difficulty level described below:
Difficulty Level
Language I (A)
Language I (B)
Easy to Moderate
Domain-Specific Subjects
General Aptitude
CUET Exam Analysis: Question Asked [15 July 2022]
Candidates can review the questions asked in the CUCET Exam 2022, broken down as per units. Keep track of the repetitive questions and prepare accordingly.
Questions Asked
Language I (A)
50 Questions
Language I (B)
50 Questions
Domain-Specific Subjects
50 Questions
General Aptitude
75 Questions
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CUET Exam Analysis 2022: Good Attempts [15 July 2022]
The approximate number of good attempts of the CUCET exam analysis for each part is formulated below. Candidates can review their subject-wise attempts here. Candidates should note the good attempt and good accuracy.
Good Attempts
Language I (A)
Language I (B)
Domain-Specific Subjects
General Aptitude
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Important Points
  • The CUCET exam was strictly conducted as a computer-based test (CBT) at CUET centres across the country appointed by NTA in advance.
  • The exam consisted of a negative marking of 1 mark per wrong answer.
  • Although the paper was objective, several questions were based on input, and candidates had to type their responses.
  • The paper was of 195 minutes, in which 45 minutes were allotted to each Section IA, IB, and II. The last section – Section III – was of a duration of 60 minutes.
For further details, students can keep track of the details of the CUET Analysis on our website. Our experts will provide the latest and updated information on the CUET exam to help candidates crack the exam.
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