CUET General Test Syllabus 2025

The CUET General Test 2025 is an integral component of Section III in the CUET Exam 2025. It encompasses various subjects, including General Knowledge, Current Affairs, General Mental Ability, Numerical Ability and Quantitative Reasoning. It is important to note that Section III is not compulsory for all candidates. A student needs to write this test only if it is a requirement for the degree programme they are applying to. Taking this into account candidates are advised to carefully consider their specific requirements before proceeding.
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This article covers everything you need to know from the syllabus and exam pattern to the universities that require it. Discover the weightage and much more in this exciting read!
The applicants must excel in the Logical and Analytical Reasoning sections of the test as their scores and eligibility will determine the status of their admission.
CUET General Test: Overview
Candidates should be familiarized with the CUET General Test syllabus as they get ready for the CUET Exam 2025. Candidates are required to attempt 50 of the total 60 questions in the General Test. The duration of the test will be 60 minutes.
Conducting Body
National Testing Agency (NTA)
60 minutes
Exam Language
13 Languages
Marking Scheme
+5 mark for each correct answer
-1 mark for each incorrect answer
CUET General Test 2025: Syllabus 
The CUET General Test is designed to comprehensively evaluate your logical and analytical reasoning, mental ability, general knowledge, quantitative reasoning, current affairs and numerical ability. It covers a wide range of subjects to ensure a thorough assessment of your capabilities. Detailed syllabus information for each section is conveniently provided in the accompanying table, offering you a comprehensive understanding of the test's content and allowing you to better prepare for what lies ahead.
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Below is a concise overview of key subjects covered on the General Test of the CUET 2025 highlighting their significance.
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CUET General Test 2025: Exam Pattern  
Prospective candidates planning to take the CUET General Test must possess a thorough understanding of its fundamental format. This encompasses the various areas that will be assessed the quantity of questions and the duration of the examination. The following table furnishes an elucidation of the CUET Exam Pattern for the General Test.
  • The test will contain a total of 60 questions.
  • Only 50 questions must be answered by candidates.
  • The questions will be multiple-choice (MCQs).
Total Number of Questions
Number of Questions to be Attempted
General Knowledge

60 minutes
Current Affairs
General Mental Ability
Numerical Ability
Quantitative Reasoning
Logical and Analytical Reasoning
CUET General Test 2025: Topic-wise Expected questions
The overall General test section of the CUET exam can broadly be segregated into 3 parts.
  1. GK/ Current Affairs
  2. Reasoning
  3. Quantitative Aptitude
Number of questions
GK/ Current Affairs
Current affairs
12-19 Questions
Analytical Reasoning
Arrangement Based
Series and Coding
11-16 questions
Quantitative Aptitude
Time and work
Mixture and Alligation
8-15 questions
Mentioned below is the sub-topic wise understanding of each of the main components that contribute to the GT Section along with some crucial preparation tips an aspirant must keep in mind when approaching the section.
  1. GK/ Current Affairs section
  2. The GT section of the exam focuses primarily on National and International Current Affairs, General Knowledge Awards and Honors, Books and Authors, Countries and Capitals, General Polity, Indian History, Indian National Movement, Important Days, Science and Technology, Science – Inventions, Discoveries and Sports.
    To stay updated on current events, students should watch the news daily to remain aware of global events. Students should possess knowledge in various subjects including national and international defence, art and culture, significant events and current issues in science and technology.
    In order to improve their understanding of current affairs it is important for students to stay abreast with current affairs from newspapers, blogs, podcasts etc.
  3. Reasoning
  4. The second pillar of the GT section focuses on various topics including Analogies, Cause and Effect, Logical Deductions, Series, Statement and Conclusions, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning, etc. To effectively prepare for these sections, students should practice logical and analytical questions, such as those related to classification, verbal reasoning, analogy, logical Venn diagrams, mathematical operations, sitting arrangements, letter and symbol series, alphabet tests, time and ranking sequence tests, and number and missing character sections.
    To enhance logical and analytical abilities it is recommended to work on puzzles found in newspapers and websites. It is important to familiarize oneself with concepts like inequalities and syllogisms as they are likely to be covered in logical and analytical subjects.
    A candidate must ensure that he/she has access to previous year question papers of CUET and related exams to gauge the level of questions asked in the actual exam. During practice exams it is crucial to engage with different types of logical and analytical questions that might appear in the actual examination.
  5. Quantitative Aptitude
  6. The third pillar of the General Test assesses various topics in Quantitative Aptitude, Arithmetic, and Data Interpretation. These include Algebra, Application of Mathematics, Boats and Streams, Geometry, HCF and LCM, Mensuration 2D and 3D, Number System, Partnership, Percentages, Probability, Problems on trains, profit and Loss, Ratio and Proportion, Simplification and Approximation, Statistics, and Time and Work.
    To improve scores in this section, practicing Quantitative Aptitude questions is crucial. Students should aim to complete 40-50 questions daily to enhance their reasoning abilities. Practising CUET sample exam questions after finishing each topic helps students understand their preparation level and identify areas for improvement.
    Analyzing mistakes, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and focusing on improving those areas contribute to better understanding of concepts. Keeping a record of mistakes and revising them also aids in grasping difficult topics.
    For faster problem-solving students should enhance their calculating speed. Familiarity with fundamental concepts such as BODMAS, multiplication tables, percentage formulae and simplification formulas is necessary. Reviewing equations and formulae prepares students for success in the quantitative reasoning phase of the exam.
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CUET General Test 2025: Universities with GT Requirement
It is important to note that the General Test section of the CUET exam is optional. Candidates have the freedom to choose whether or not they wish to take this particular section. The key factor that influences this decision is the specific requirement set by the desired university. Below is a comprehensive list of the top 10 colleges/universities that mandate the inclusion of the GT section when appearing for the CUET exam.
Prominent Course
 CUET sections & Eligibility
University of Delhi
B.Tech. (Information Technology and Mathematical Innovation)
Any one from Section I +Mathematics/Applied Mathematics + Section III
Banaras Hindu University
B.A. (Hons.)
Section I A – Language Test - (Hindi or English) and Section III – General Test 
Jamia Millia Islamia
General Test
Aligarh Muslim University
B.A. (Hons.) 
English,  General Test
Baba saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University
B.Com (Hons)
Section IA Languages,Section III - General Test 
Jaypee Institute of Information Technology
 English + General Test + Any one of the other subjects
Tata Institute Of Social Sciences (TISS)
Section I A : English Language ( Compulsory)   Section III : General Test
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CUET General Test 2025: Overall Preparation Tips 
To help you ace the exam and increase your chances of getting into your dream course at your preferred university we have curated a list of valuable suggestions and tips. Take a moment to go through the list below and make an effort to integrate them into your daily study routine. You've got this!
  • Read the complete exam notification and fully comprehend the exam format and syllabus.
  • Develop an exam strategy first. Candidates must first identify their areas of strength and weakness from the list of topics in order to accomplish this.
  • Create a daily study schedule that you can stick to. Make sure you go over at least 1 subject from each section every day.
  • Comply with this schedule and study regularly. 
  • Make an effort to stay current on recent national and worldwide events and developments. Read journals and newspaper articles.
  • Review your syllabus by going over your Class 12 NCERT books. This will assist you in getting high marks on the entire CUET test 2025.
  • Maintain your motivation and focus before the exam. Have faith in your ability to pursue the direction you desire!
  • Take a few practice exams to ease your exam anxiety and uneasiness. These papers also aid in improving your response time and precision.
  • You can also practise from CUET general test previous year question paper.
Preparation Material 
Preparing for the CUET General Test in 2025 requires careful consideration when selecting appropriate study material. It is crucial to choose high-quality books that not only provide accurate information but also offer comprehensive coverage of the syllabus. These books will serve as valuable resources to increase your chances of success as you navigate through the test. To help you on this journey we have enlisted a few highly recommended books below that specifically cater to the requirements of the CUET general test.
Name of the Book
CUET General Test concept
CUET General Test Practice
CUET General Test concept
CUET General Test Practice
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What is the General Test in CUET?
It is section 3 of the CUET exam. The general test in CUET is an admission test taken by the university for admission into the undergraduate engineering programs offered by the university.
Is the General Test compulsory for CUET?
The 3rd section of the CUET exam is optional for aspirants. Whether to choose this section depends on the specific requirements of the desired university.
Is CUET General Test hard?
The difficulty level of the Common Universities Entrance Test is usually easy to moderate.
What is the passing marks for CUET Exam?
The minimum passing marks for the CUET 2025 Undergraduate Entrance Exam is 40 therefore you must try to score at least 100.
Which colleges require General Test in CUET?
CUET is accepted by many prestigious universities such as Banaras Hindu University, JamiaMilliaIslamia University, Aligarh Muslim University etc.
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