CUET Environmental Studies syllabus 2024

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Explore the intriguing world of environmental sciences with our enriched curriculum offered for Environmental Studies at CUET 2024. Our PDF syllabus covers everything from human beings and nature to sustainable agriculture, international relations, and environmental and natural resource economics. You can access it easily from our webpage or the official website. Discover the beauty of our planet and join us in promoting its longevity!
To significantly increase their chances of passing the CUET 2024 exam and gaining admission to their preferred central university or one of the participating colleges, candidates must diligently study and become well-versed in all the courses offered.
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CUET Environmental Studies syllabus
1. Human Beings and Nature
(i) Social ecology [Marxist environmentalism and socialist ecology (Barry Commoner)]
(ii) Modern schools of ecological thought
(iii) Stewardship of land (e.g. Wendell Berry).
(iv)Deep ecology (Gary Snyder, Earth First) vs shallow ecology
(v) Green Politics (e.g. Germany and England)
(vi) Feminism
(vii) Sustainable Development
2. Population and Conservation Ecology
(i) Population dynamics
(ii) Human populations (Malthusian model and demographic transition).
(iii) Threats to the ecosystem
(iv) Conservation: importance and concepts
3. Monitoring Pollution
(i) Pollution monitoring
(ii) Monitoring the atmosphere: techniques
(iii) International and national air quality standards
(iv) Water testing
(v) Soil testing
4. Third World Development
(i) Urban-rural divide
(ii) A critical appraisal of the conventional paradigm of development from the viewpoints of sustainability, environmental impact, and equity: Definition of Development.
(iii) A case study of the Gandhian approach in terms of its aims and processes.
(iv) Urban environmental planning and management
5. Sustainable Agriculture
(i) Traditional Agriculture in India
Colonial influence, Transportation of Food, Food processing - Definition, food preservation, packaging, grading. Food adulteration and Food additives-definitions; types of adulteration, harmful effects of adulteration. Quality Marks - ISI (Indian Standard Institute); AGMARK (Agricultural Marketing); FPO(Fruit Product Order) - a brief explanation only.
(ii) Food
6. Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
(i) GNP vs other forms of measuring income.
(ii) Definition: resources; scarcity and growth; natural resource accounting.
(iii) Externalities: cost-benefit analysis (social, ecological).
Externalities – definition, kinds (positive and negative), impacts.
(iv) Economic status and welfare (net economic welfare, natural capital, ecological capital, etc.)
EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) -definition, examples, advantages.
(v) Natural capital regeneration.
7. International Relations and the Environment
(i) Trans-national characteristics of environmental issues using a case study of Amazonia, Ozone Depletion, and Trade in Wild Life.
(ii) Impact of international politics, national sovereignty, and interest
(iii) International trade
(iv) International aid
CUET Environmental Science Syllabus Preparation Tips
Environmental Science CUET preparation tips are crucial for this exam's preparation. In the material that follows, we'll go over four essential exam preparation guidelines that every student, irrespective of domain subject, should abide by in order to get a successful exam performance.
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• Pay close attention to the exam syllabus, divide it into portions, and then analyse it to gain a solid comprehension of it.
Establish a preparation plan and stick to it. Before commencing exam preparation, chart a study regimen. Schedule each subject and allocate adequate time to it in advance. This approach will help candidates to organise and optimise their exam readiness.
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• Practice often, but in the appropriate way and with quality assurance measures in place. It takes a lot of preparation to achieve a high score in the CUET 2022 Environmental Science exam. Candidates must finish as many question papers, mock exams, and sample papers from prior years as they can.
• Revision is the key to success in any area of life or on any exam. Candidates should revise at least once or twice each week.
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