CUET Biology Syllabus 2024: Syllabus, Pattern and Preparation Tips

CUET, or Common Universities Entrance Test, is used to gain admission to several central, state, and private universities for various undergraduate courses.
This exam qualifies applicants for admission to 14 central and four state universities. The difficulty level is also high because it is a national-level entrance exam. As a result, aspirants must be familiar with the CUET 2022 exam syllabus and format.
CUET-UG 2024: Overview
Undergraduate programmes at CUET will be offered across multiple central and state institutions in India. The exam will be held in 13 languages—Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Odia, Assamese, and English—allowing candidates to select their preferred medium.
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Each year, hundreds of thousands of students take the CUET to secure entry into their preferred universities. The test comprises three sections: language, domain-specific subjects, and general test. While the first two sections are compulsory for all candidates, the third one is optional.
The CUET-UG test will be held in three shifts in 547 cities in India and abroad. The Domain-Specific Subject - Biology will present applicants with 50 questions, of which they must attempt 40 of the best. However, the candidate's abilities are measured by how many questions they find simple to answer.
CUET-UG 2024: Biology Exam Pattern
The CUET 2024 exam has three sections: Section 1 is a language test, Section 2 is a domain-specific subject test, and Section 3 is a general test. Each segment has a unique syllabus, amount of questions, time, and the maximum number of questions to attempt.
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All of these facts are included in the exam pattern in an overall format. The CUET-UG 2024 exam pattern is as follows:
Exam Name
Full Name of the Exam
Common Universities Entrance Test
Medium of Exam
13 Different Languages
Frequency of Exam
One Time in a Year
Type of Questions
Duration of Biology Section
45 minutes
Maximum Number of Questions from the Biology Section
Number of Questions to be Attempted in Biology Section
Maximum Marks Obtained in Biology
(+5) for every right answer, (-1) for every wrong answer, and (0) for every unattempted question
CUET Biology Syllabus
Knowledge of the syllabus is essential for passing any PAN India-level test. The same is true for the CUET 2024 exam.
The majority of pupils are unaware of the CUET 2024 Biology section syllabus. The following list represents distinct units, chapters, and themes in Zoology and Botany.
1.   Reproduction in organisms
2.   Sexual reproduction in flowering plants
3.   Human reproduction
4.   Reproductive health
Genetics & Evolution
1.   Heredity and variation
2.   Molecular basis of inheritance
3.   Evolution
Biology and Human welfare
1.   Health and disease
2.   Improvement in food production
3.   Microbes in human welfare
Biotechnology and its Applications
1.   Principles and processes of biotechnology
2.   Application of biotechnology in health and agriculture
Ecology and Environment
1.   Organisms and environment
2.   Ecosystems
3.   Biodiversity and its conservation
4.   Environmental issues
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How to prepare biology for CUET?
There are several ways to begin and prepare for CUET biology, but one should choose the method that best suits them. We'll provide you with a few pointers that can help you improve your biology study strategy (CUET).
Correct knowledge of the syllabus: Even though there are just five chapters, they are separated into multiple subtopics and several short portions. Before beginning preparation, the syllabus should be thoroughly reviewed.
Understanding the Exam Pattern: This assists students in comprehending the format of the paper, the types of questions, and critical sections of the syllabus. It is an integral part of the preparation process.
Crafting an effective preparatory strategy: Often, what we lack most is a well-crafted plan. It is crucial to have a proper blueprint that fits your unique requirements. A positive starting point is to prioritize the 5 units based on your strengths and cling on to them. Additionally, a set routine and timeline must be followed rigorously.
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Mock examination and revision: Practice always leads to perfection. Once you have completed the biology CUET syllabus, it is highly recommended that you practise and revise through sample tests. This will allow the learner to assess their degree of preparation while also providing insight into time management.
These step-by-step strategies will undoubtedly assist you in better preparing for CUET biology. Always remember to believe in your strengths and work on your flaws, and you will be able to succeed.
This is a well-thought-out concept for the CUET biology syllabus and preparation plan. Always remember to be syllabus-specific and detailed in your approach when preparing. Without further ado, begin your preparation and give yourself the best chance of gaining admission to the nation's most prestigious universities.
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